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We've all heard to not go buying food at the grocery on an empty stomach. Which may be true, but the point is to buy only what you need. Seperate the allure from the need. And to prevent spoilage and staleness of your food, to optimize your spending power, the bulk purchase does makes sense when done right, bought for multiple mouths.

Major sources of bulk food are available to most everyone. Costing a yearly fee, warehouse membership clubs entitle you to savings on bulk buys for food and other items. Two examples are Costco and Sam's Club. Stocking not only convenience items, but staples alike.

When buying in bulk, a few tips to extend your purchase are:
  • Place quantity items in resealable, airtight containers. Either resealable bags or plastic containers. Which should far outlast the box i liner, keeping your foodstuff fresh longer.

  • For staples and all food you cart away, such as milk, eggs, and butter, consider the grocery store brand version. These foods, in essence, haven't the marketing costs and savings are passed on to you the consumer.

  • Always take into account the per unit cost. A one liter bottle of Pepsi at Walmart might cost $1 but the six pack equivalent is costlier. Which may be due to packaging costs, buyer demand, or for whatever reason.

  • Take advantage of "2 for" pricing. Popular at grocery stores like Kroger. As well as grocery shoppers cards that bring markdowns. Make this a habit and the savings add up.

  • Plan on non-perishables. If you are buying sugar, and spices, price shop for the best buy. Since these stay on the pantry shelf for a while, they normally don't carry much urgency assuming there is enough stored to supply your current needs.

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