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Drywall Orange Peel Texture

Think of orange peel as a magnified rind. It has been is popular among the west coast of the U.S. and is a favorite among many builders, developers, decorators and drywall contractors for the economy, and efficiency with which it is applied (requires no further treatment after spraying) The texture is made in light, medium, and heavy builds.

Skills: Average to intermediate skill levels depending on the applier. Requiring a technique that is developed beyond the splatter technique. Still, one of the simplest textures to apply.

Materials: Thinned mudd (joint compound) or bagged texture material, specified for 'Orange Peel'. The latter provides greater consistency.
Masking tape and plastic.

Tools: A hopper gun with compressor (rentals will do) and ladders as wall and ceiling heights require. A mixing paddle and heavy electric drill.

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