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Drywall Knock Down Texture

Another popular texture, the knock down, is close to the orange peel. The effect is arrived at by skimming across the sprayed surface, a blade made just for this - a 'knock down blade'. The resulting pattern is arrived at by a combination of; the thinness of the material, the pressure it is applied at, and wait time before it is flattened with the blade (along with blade type).

Skills: Skills approaching intermediate levels are needed to lay off the spray to a consistent effect. As always, this depends on the applier.

Materials: Thinned joint compound or prepackaged texture material, specified for 'knock down'. The latter provides greater consistency.
Masking tape and plastic.

Tools: A knock down blade, hopper gun with compressor (rentals will do) ladders as wall and ceiling heights require. A mixing paddle and heavy electric drill.

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