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DIY Auto Repair - Do It Yourself Two Simple Procedures

By doing your own vehicle maintenance, you can help your auto run better, be more dependable, and last longer to serve your transportation needs. Also, doing yourslef removes the lingering doubt of whether the mechanic or service station has actually done the work properly and isn't trying to pull one over on you. Oh and yes, you save a big percentage over their fees. Most shops charge sixty to seventy dollars per hour on up.

To start, there are two things most owners are capabile of doing, given some basic mechanical skills. One, affects the duration of your engine itself and is among the most important maintenance items that is done regularly, it is your cars oil. This is a simple procedure and there is no need for an elaborate setup of tools, all you need is an oil filter clamp, a drain pan and a wrench to match your drain plug, along the replacement quarts of oil and filter. Though some car models have crush washers that help seal the drain plug -- ask you car dealer, many are happy to give you a handful -- this is another strongpoint of doing yourself, you know that the crush washer is replaced on the changeout, which you may indirectly discover many dealers don't do by a crawling drip coming from the plug within the pan section shortly thereafter. To do this, consult your owners manual for oil and filter type, and the recommended interval at which to change.

Another basic, yet more advanced procedure is the tune up. While obviously your can't hook your engine up to a diagnositic machine (which may be additional anyway) most cars can be given the simple tune-up that usually results in improved engine performance and gas savings, often paying for itself from the future fuel bill. The three things you'll need are spark plugs and a set of cables (cables may or may not be needed, depending on mileage/vehicle) the rotor cap, and rotor button. For tools, a socket with ratchet (torque wrench is ideal) a gap setter, and screwdriver is all you should need. Note: to maintain cable order, replace the ends one at a time to avoid confusing their placement. By diying this, you can easily save $100 and more over most dealer and independent repair centers.

Properly inflated tires also make a difference. This might well extend the life of your tires, provide better gas mile efficiency, and improve driving safety. And its probably the easiest care anyone can provide for their vehicle.

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