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Tell Us About your Best Customer Service/ Buying Experience

If, and only if, you have had a bona fide exchange with a store, service provider, or other type of business or outlet and as a result received exceptional customer serices -- we would like to hear about it, so others may be made aware.

Please see the following criteria before contacting us:
  • This may be in relation to a new or used item, even a service. Examples would be everything from moving companies to upholstery cleaners to the servicing of your car. Those with broader service territories or areas of geographic coverage are encouraged.

  • Services and goods rendered above and beyond the normal call of duty, are too encouraged. Please take into account the quality of any hard goods and the likelihood of effective and courteous future callbacks, and those you may have had.

  • Exchanges offering special incentives are preferred, although this alone with not provide favor.

  • You must have no existing business connection or relationship with the organization or business.

  • This may not be confused with any form of advertising or promotional request, or as a way to gain website ratings. Requests are to be submitted by the end user only.

  • Respondants must be at least 18 years of age, and include a contact phone number.

Requests will be manually reviewed. Out of the best requests, mention will be made in upcoming featurettes.

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