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Finding Nursery Furniture, Baby Items on Sale & Better

Perhaps this is your first child, and you are just discovering the lofty prices of nursery furniture and items for your baby. Such as changing stations, bassinets and cribs, and even car seats when they are ready. Or perhaps you are on to your second or third experience, in which case, keeping the furniture around might prove feasible if you have been planning ahead on these family matters.

The cost of furnishing the nursery can be exhorbitant, and it has become in many homes, a central focus. Well it doesn't have to bring on such a financial burden. Check these:
  • Day Care Centers that are going out of business. Much of the furniture is sturdy and these sales can yield buys that are pennies on the dollar. Sticking with brands that you are familiar with helps, certainly if it is to be shipped. Search 'going out of business baby sale'. These centers typically have cribs, changing tables and mats.

  • Consider swapping your current items. offers such as service as do others in exchange for everything from cribs to strollers to diaper bags.

  • Consider deffering the expense for some furniture items that will no longer come in contact with the baby. Convert the changing station into a book or toy storage center for the next phase.

  • Join a baby club. Winn-Dixe runs a free club that operates on a point system. The buyer gets $10 back for every 200 points accumulated, gives out coupons for free products and they issue a $10 gift card for you baby'f first prescription. With the stipulation that the baby either has yet to arrive or is under the age of 2 years on signup.

  • Check your pediatricians office for those selling items that you need.

When dealing with baby items and furniture that has been opened or has seen use -- take any and all necessary precautions like making sure all furniture and item are safe for use, are clean and sanitized.

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